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How exciting! Video consultations are a fantastic way to have a chat with Sarah and ask her any quesitons. She will go through everything with you and may even offer you a FREE digital drawing giving you an impression of what your cosmetic tattooing will look like on you, all you have to do is send her a clear picture! Easy.

Video consultations take around 20 minutes and can be carried out via Facetime, Messenger, Wahtsapp or Zoom.

If you would like to book a video consultation to discuss how permanent makeup can help you, then please use the booking system below, If you can’t find a set time here to suit you, please get in touch as there may be more flexible times available, especially in the current climate as things can change so quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it look natural?
Yes, it will once you are all healed after your second appointment! I pride myself in applying permanent makeup that looks extremely natural. This is the whole point of permanent makeup as far as I am concerned! You will find people saying “you look great” but they can’t put their finger on why! That’s a perfect result because it means the enhancement has blended with your face perfectly and enhanced your features, rather than an over the top (colour too dark, application too thick or bold) obvious change resulting in an unnatural appearance. Creating beautifully natural looking results, takes skill and where advanced continued training allows me to constantly update my methods and continually improve on this, ensuring results are as natural as possible.
Is it permanent?

In my opinion, yes. Micro-pigmentation (permanent make up) is designed to fade. However, a residue of pigment will always be present in the skin indefinitely and a faint residue will be left which is why I choose to use the phrase “permanent” as opposed to “semi permanent” to describe my procedures. “Semi permanent” could be misleading as it could easily signify that your skin will return to the state it was prior to treatment, and that just won’t happen. It is a tattoo and pigment is implanted into the skin and that applies to all areas of the face and body. With this is mind, it is crucial that you make an informed decision with all the facts up front. I will expand more on this at your consultation if needed.

What should I expect after the treatment and are there any side effects?

There are very few, extremely slight side effects. Immediately after treatment the colour appears a little darker than your chosen shade. Some clients may experience slight swelling and redness of the area immediately after treatment too but this usually subsides within a few hours. If you have your brows tattooed then after about 3 days your colour will gradually appear darker as the area heals. By about day 5, as the treated area is beginning to heal, itching may occur. At about 7-10 days the body will start to naturally expel any scabs so your brows will appear messy & flaky at this point – it is advisable to avoid any special social occasions throughout the healing process days 5 – 14) to be on the safe side. After 10 days continued exfoliation takes place and at this stage the colour will probably appear lighter than you want it to be. As further healing and exfoliation occurs over the 6 weeks your brow colour will re appear. Some patchy areas may be visible, depending on how your body has accepted the treatment and how well you have managed your aftercare. For Lips & Eyeliner treatments you will experience some minimal swelling on the day of treatment and possibly the next day. The are will be surface healed in 5 days so very little downtime. Your 2nd appointment is there to address any tiny tweaks; however, this second appointment is not always needed.

How long does it take?
Please see the information sheets for each treatment, as times vary.
Why permanent makeup?
The objective of all my procedures is to raise your self-esteem, self-confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle, give you more personal freedom, as well as saving you time. Both men and women who need, or are experiencing the following, realise the positive results of permanent makeup: Sparse or over tweezed eyebrows; Allergies to cosmetics; Unsteady Hands; Contact lens sensitivities; Visual impairments, Alopecia, hair loss through chemotherapy… to name just a few.
Why do permanent makeup prices differ?
As in much of the cosmetic industry, it is usually the higher end of the market that will deliver the most effective results. My prices reflect the standard of the result of your procedure, the quality of my service, comprehensive (and continually updated) training, use of high quality equipment and pigments, care, attention to detail, aftercare, beautifully clean & hygienic premises and above all.. reputation! Remember. this is your face, only the very highest quality work should be acceptable for you. If people are giving discounts, regular special offers (Groupon etc), misrepresenting their qualifications or even using other artists photo’s, ask yourself why! Please do your research first! It’s so important. This is an unregulated industry and there are many facades that people hide behind – please be careful.
Does it hurt?
I would say no. Everyone has different pain thresholds so it’s hard to say exactly how you will feel but it’s nothing to worry about I promise. I am extremely gentle as I have a low pain threshold myself so I am very sensitive to your needs! Some people may experience slight discomfort and others will feel nothing at all. Brows – no more than tweezing or waxing. Eyes – like you have been crying for a while, and they may feel a little sore at the end. Lips – probably the more sensitive area but a soothing cream can be applied afterwards if desired, and any mild discomfort usually only lasts for about an hour after treatment.
How long does it last?

This varies but as a general guide expect brows to last anywhere between 9 months – 2+ years, lips 2+ years & eyeliner 2+ years but these all vary between each individual depending on your skin type, how you look after your enhancement, environmental factors, health, sun exposure, sun bed use, skin creams… These and many more can all play a part in premature fading and some areas (such as health) are out of your hands. As there are so many variables to this question and everyone is individual and unique in their lifestyles, it’s hard to give a definitive answer.

What if I have a procedure and then I hate it?
This will never happen, I absolutely promise you. Due to the way I carry out your treatment everything is covered and there is nothing that you are not informed of prior to going ahead. I am very good at managing your expectations and am very honest about what can and can’t be achieved. At the same time, I will refuse to carry out work that I think may result in an undesirable end result so you can be assured you are in safe, caring and professional hands.
Are the pigments and materials used safe?
Yes absolutely! All pigments are pharmaceutical grade, hypo allergenic, gamma sterilised and manufactured under very strict European guidelines that govern the production, sterilisation and ingredients. Rest assured the equipment used is not only the latest in sophisticated digital technology, but is also 100% safe by design that ensures no cross contamination is possible. All equipment complies with HSE requirements.
What colours should I choose?
There is a correct colour for everyone. I will take into consideration your natural skin colour, hair colour and eye colour. A soft, natural colour is always preferred. Together we will decide on the perfect colour to suit you!
What factors will affect permanent make-up?

There are a few variables here but a few include; the sun / sunbeds. The sun fades pigment much faster so a minimum SPF50 sun block is recommended daily to prolong your enhancement (available in clinic), also on application sun exposure will result in poor implantation. The choice of colour, a lighter colour will fade faster than a darker colour. Skin care, some creams contain ingredients that exfoliate the skin, this will speed up the fading process, also Retinol & chemical peels will have a big impact on whether the pigment can be implanted satisfactorily. Medication can also affect the implantation and retention of pigment and this can be discussed at your consultation should it be necessary.

Could I have it done in my home?
Absolutely NOT! A reputable technician must have premises that are licenced, authorised and regulated by the local authority. Having work carried out in your own home or anyone else’s, is not acceptable.
Why do you only offer permanent makeup and no other treatments?

The old fashioned saying “jack of all trades, master of none” comes into play here! I could go and train in all manner of aesthetic treatments but I have chosen to specialise in just Permanent Makeup so that I can ensure I am constantly developing my skills and improving all the time. I am dedicated to becoming an absolute master of my craft and strive for impeccable results for all of my clients. I have an obsession and a passion for gaining deeper knowledge and learning new techniques all the time, so by not being distracted with other treatments it means that I can be fully focused on just my cosmetic tattooing and TRULY be a Permanent Makeup specialist.

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