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Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, is a cosmetic and medical procedure used to create long lasting colour and definition. When applied cosmetically to the eyes, lips or eyebrows it can help restore a person’s confidence and is beneficial in so many ways such as:

Eyeliner – great if you suffer with watery eyes; stays put and doesn’t slide off if you have more oily skin; perfectly “in-place” all the time if you suffer with impaired vision or have unsteady hands; stays put with excessive sweating. If you are active in sports, such as swimming, no more “panda eyes”; if you are just wanting to feel a little more “defined” when you are makeup free this treatment will make a big difference, and if you have an allergy to makeup this could be your solution.

Eyebrows – many of us have over-tweezed, so this is a perfect solution for that, or you may have always had sparse brows due to genetics. You may be fed up with sun creams, hats, helmets etc rubbing off your brow makeup and if it takes you more time than you’d like to draw them on every day then this is definitely the solution for you.

Lips – if you feel your lips are uneven this can be corrected; lost definition around the edge that can lead to them looking less full (and can also be a little ageing), can be restored and lip tattooing can be a perfect alternative to lip filler if it is just a small tweak to the fullness and shape that you are looking for.

When applied medically permanent makeup can literally be a life changing procedure. For example, it can be used to:

Recreate a realistic 3D areola for women who have had a mastectomy so that they can feel “back to themselves” again; it can camouflage scars in the skin or face for both women and men leaving them feeling much more confident with their appearance; create better symmetry for men or women with cleft lip, again restoring confidence in appearance and also within themselves; improve the aesthetic appearance of injuries where a skin graft has been carried out so that the graft “blends” better; restore the appearance of hairs in brows and eyelashes from hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or conditions such as Trichotillomania. There is no end to the conditions that medical micropigmentation can help with so even if it’s not mentioned here, you are strongly advised to make enquiries, don’t let something “bother you” when there could be a great solution for you.

I am an advanced cosmetic and medical tattooist. Since 2012 I have carried out thousands of procedures to brows, eyes, lips and para-medical procedures. I also carry out correctional work and train students in permanent makeup.

I specialise in creating precise, delicate and natural looking results, which are applied extremely carefully and safely, I make sure that I apply your permanent makeup using my highly controlled protocols so that your confidence is restored, and you leave me feeling wonderful.

I am particularly supportive and understanding of nervous, or cautious clients, and I explain everything along the way to make sure that you are always relaxed. Nothing is ever carried out without your approval and no appointments are ever rushed. I allow ample time because my absolute passion is making sure that I can achieve the very best results for you and leaving you feeling happier about yourself is always my ultimate aim.

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