Of all our facial features, we tend to be most critical of our brows. This may be because we feel our natural shape is unsatisfactory, or that we have very little, or no hair. The latter may be due to alopecia, chemotherapy, over tweezing, or genetically sparse brows. Whatever the reason if you find yourself feeling self-conscious of your brows, and it causes you concern, then permanent makeup is definitely the right choice for you.

Eyebrows can dramatically change the way you look! The correct design for your face shape is so important. Pretty brows can make us feel so much better about ourselves, even happier and more confident! Eyebrows are probably the most important part of our facial features in that they define our face, so it’s no wonder so many of us desire this treatment. There are many styles of brows nowadays and varying techniques that offer totally different looks.

My aim is to provide as natural an eyebrow tattoo as possible for you, and I can achieve this using either embroidery, microblading or both from my Salisbury clinic.

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“Having new eyebrows is so exciting! It’s critical that the shape and colour (both bespoke to you) are carefully considered and discussed prior to treatment. Future proofing your brows is also very important to make sure your brows never go out of fashion and that they will always look youthful! Your brow design will be created to ensure the perfect shape for your face and the end result will leave you feeling amazing about yourself!”

“Sarah's attention to detail when creating the template for my eyebrows was truly impressive. She took the time to ensure the shape and colour were correct and that I was 100% happy before she started the actual procedure. She covered everything step by step in a professional manner, put me at ease with her calm and friendly approach and made sure all my questions were answered. I am delighted with my eyebrows and have no hesitation in recommending Sarah.”

Ann M, Salisbury

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