Permanent lip treatments are exciting and look beautiful when healed! For uneven lip shapes, lip treatments can help to restore symmetry and colour – giving a more youthful appearance. Permanent lip treatments can also help to regain definition, giving a fuller effect.


Gone are the days of the 80s lip line! Today’s treatment techniques are advanced, precise, natural and very subtle. A lip blush treatment blends from the crisp outer edge and softly fills into the natural lip tissue. Once your lip treatment is healed, you can simply add a touch of balm and you’re ready to go! Lip treatments can also be used to improve the appearance of cleft lip and scars too, and our medical page can provide more info on this.

To learn more about our permanent lip treatment techniques and options, contact me and we can arrange a consultation from the clinic in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Before & After Treatment

“I always think the prettiest lip procedures are those that replace lost definition around the edges, giving the illusion of a fuller, more youthful lip. This is carried out using a lovely natural colour close to your own. A bolder colour may be desired and this can also be very flattering but must be applied correctly and with extreme care.”

“As everyone will appreciate, the decision to have any form of work done to one's person is not something taken lightly. I had been recommended by several people to approach Sarah Gibb when I had been discussing my thoughts of having my eyebrows and lips tattooed. My initial consultation with Sarah was everything I needed for reassurance. Careful planning of correct shaping of my eyebrows together with selecting the appropriate colour took time but was so worthwhile. Likewise for my lips, as I'd had surgery on my bottom lip following skin cancer that had left me very conscious of the thinness of my bottom lip. One thing that was really good was that Sarah explained everything she was doing during the procedure and insisted that I could take a breather whenever I wanted. Once the first session was over and I was given cooling lotion to take with me - which was needed! - I was delighted to see the results after a few days, being exactly what I wanted and had hoped for. Six weeks later I went back for the follow up appointment to check on the shape and colour and have a second treatment. I am thrilled with the results and would recommend Sarah Gibb as a thoroughly professional and dedicated practitioner”rah.”

Patricia Burbidge

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