It’s a question often asked and many are unsure of what to do first… so to answer from the point of view of a permanent makeup artist then you definitely need to have your  have brows tattooed BEFORE you have Botox administered to the forehead area, and if you have already had Botox you need to let that wear off as much as possible, preferably completely… then have your brows tattooed …. then revisit the injections. Allow me to explain why I adopt this outlook on the subject…

Wrinkle smoothing injections alter the function of the muscle (and in turn the position of the skin), so by having these administered your NATURAL expression and movement in your brow is altered. Therefore, once the smoothing action takes effect the muscle is by default, responding differently and its usual function ceases temporarily. With this action, the outer surface (the skin) has to change it’s position too, albeit slightly, (but let’s face it, when it comes to permanent makeup one-tenth of a millimetre comes into play so “slightly” should always be considered movement), and so the position of your natural brows can shift as this process takes affect.

If at this stage, or within the first few months of having these injections, you decide to have your eyebrows tattooed then you run the risk of  them being  placed onto the skin while it is sitting in a “false position” due to the now UN NATURAL expression and movement (or lack of it!) on the forehead.

As the Botox wears off the skin will then return to its natural position and as the muscle activity returns your brows could very easily now look a tad wonky! Of course, if you have it done regularly then this is not really too much of an issue as the placement will be kept the same all the time… but what if you decide to stop the injections at some point in the future. Personally I think it is better to be safe than sorry and take sensible precautions with your tattooing and Botox.

This is not to say that it will happen with everyone… but it might! You just don’t’ know!  Therefore, I take the view that a sensible approach must be adopted and so always request that Botox is worn off prior to commencing brow designs for the first time.

A great Botox practitioner should ensure your brows stay nice and evenly positioned, but if you are worried you might not find the right person to do this, make sure you have them tattooed PERFECTLY in place before you commence with smoothing injections (or let it wear off fully)! That way, if they are tattooed evenly in the first place, should they ever look slightly misaligned, you will always feel reassured that when the Botox wears off, or if you decide to stop having it done, your brow symmetry will return!

If you’ve any other questions or queries, please get in touch today!

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