“Tattoo my eye? Are you kidding me?… no way!” Easy now… it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that it doesn’t hurt either, plus the results look absolutely amazing and so pretty! Let me tell you all about eyeliner tattooing.

Firstly, who benefits from eyeliner tattooing?

Well, so many people do and for so many different reasons (some that I bet never would have occurred to you). The most popular reason for choosing this treatment is because when makeup-free most of us just want to feel that little bit less “naked” with some definition to our eyes, especially us “fairer lashed people”!

Sometimes makeup can “slide off” during the day due to an oilier skin type (a tattoo isn’t going to budge!). You may be super sporty and keep sweating your eyeliner off, or a keen swimmer where there’s no hope of it staying on and “panda eyes” are now acceptable to you!

Contact lens wearers may get fed up with the liquid liner “sting” and let’s face it too, eyeliner isn’t the easiest part of our makeup routine so having that design taken care of already can be a great time saver!

Oh and don’t forget… holidays were made for eyeliner tattoos!

On a more serious note, this treatment is also a fantastic solution for a lot of challenging medical situations for many people too, such as: impaired vision – how hard and frustrating it must be to not be able to apply your eyeliner to your satisfaction if your eyesight is poor?

Mobility issues, some people struggle to raise their hands to their faces, alopecia sufferers often feel so much more confident from having added definition to their eyes which in turn can hugely help with self-esteem and shaking hands can also cause application difficulties.

There are many different styles that eyeliner can be tattooed in. You can choose from a subtle pretty lash enhancement; you can have just an upper liner on its own in any size to suit you (see here); it can be slightly smudged, or you can have a thicker winged eyeliner. It doesn’t have to be black either, many colours can look really pretty too… if applied correctly!

So what’s involved in eyeliner tattooing?

Well, the process is surprisingly straightforward. The colour is chosen, a design drawn on, approved by you, then with a series of specific stretching techniques, and soft, delicate featherlight strokes the eyeliner is expertly applied so as to give you the least discomfort possible.

The only slight pain that may be felt is really minimal, like a slight scratch or an annoying itch, I can’t say it is 100% pain-free as everyone has a different pain threshold, but I can tell you that I have had clients fall asleep through this procedure – yes.. honestly!

Extreme care & focus from me is paramount while I am working on you, so my conversation isn’t the best at this point I’m afraid! Afterwards, you can expect your eyes to feel slightly bruised, and you may feel each blink for a few hours after treatment.

Aftercare instructions are given and under no circumstances are you allowed to cry with JOY when you look in the mirror! Your eyes have to be kept dry for 3 days (Oh… one downside is no eye makeup AT ALL for 72 hours after treatment so plan your diary well!).

The next day your eyes will look mildly puffy (as if you have been crying for a day or two) then after 5 days you’ll be all healed – easy! Couple your final healed result with a swift swipe of mascara (or even better an LVL lash treatment so you look like you have mascara on but you haven’t) and boom! GORGEOUS! Zero make up needed!

See… now doesn’t that sound better than you perhaps first thought? If you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to call me on 07850 999555 or shoot me a quick email and if you would like some more professional tips on what to know before going ahead with any permanent cosmetic treatment you can read my FREE guide here.

If you’ve any other questions or queries, please get in touch today!

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