Microblading has risen in popularity over the last few years, it’s a new ‘buzzword’, an on-trend beauty treatment and is gaining huge press and social media coverage. There’s a lot of deserved hype about how brilliant a treatment it is –  but there is also a lot of ‘hooey’ and miscommunication that surrounds what ‘microblading’ is and isn’t.

I wanted to write this post first and foremost because I care deeply about my clients, about their treatment, and about the fact that everyone receiving permanent treatment has the right to be fully informed and advised.

So here I go.. let’s separate the facts from the fiction!!


Fiction: Microblading will fade in a few months’ time.
Fact: Microblading is a permanent make-up treatment just as micro-pigmentation is.

The notion that microblading is not permanent is certainly the most terrifying untruth that I have come across. As an experienced permanent makeup artist, it truly pains me when I read comments like: “I can’t wait to have my eyebrows microbladed as it’s just like permanent brows, but it fades after a few months and I won’t ever know I’ve had it done”. Fiction! Microblading is still permanent make-up, it’s still tattooing! The only difference that separates microblading as a permanent makeup treatment from micro-pigmentation with a machine, is the actual method of getting pigment into the skin – really, that is it. Fact! With microblading, a hand-tool is used to deposit pigment into the dermal layer of the skin instead of a permanent make-up machine. Think of it as a series of tiny refined paper cuts.


Fiction: Microblading is going to be perfect for me as I’m after natural looking hairstroke brows.
Fact: Microblading is a great technique for creating more delicate natural hairstroke brows but it is not suitable for everyone.

The great advantage of the microblading method is that it allows you to create finer hairstrokes. However, like all permanent make-up treatments not all skin types are suited to microblading.

The most important thing for me as an artist is the end healed result for each and every one of my clients, and that result depends on many different variables, the overriding factor being skin type! It takes an experienced technician’s eye to be able to judge whether microblading is suitable for your skin type. This is why I always have pre-treatment consultations with clients, where I can assess their skin type and whether microblading is the right method for them.

Another major factor to consider is hair type. If you have sparse hair, but hair that is relatively thick, when mixed with a finer hairstoke brow it’s simply not going to blend well. With permanent brows a big consideration is always:  how is 3D natural hair off the skin going to blend with flat 2D strokes on the skin? What is going to blend best?  If you have very fine eyebrow hair, suffer with alopecia, or have suffered hair loss post-chemo, microblading may be the best route for you.

Fiction: Microblading is perfect for me because I’m young.
Fact: Microblading can be a great treatment for any age.

Another misconceived idea, is that microblading is a treatment just for the younger generation. Fiction!  Microblading can be a perfect treatment for older clients. Age is not an important factor. What is important, is that your treatment is done by someone with permanent make-up experience, who has the full background understanding of skin type and colour theory, and is able to fully advise you on why microblading as a treatment would suit you.

Microblading is a fantastic technique that can achieve incredible results and may well be the perfect method for your dream brows! All I urge, is that before you set your heart on microblading, make sure you understand fully 1) what the treatment is and 2) why is it suitable for you!

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