permanent cosmetics for your holiday

You’re so excited! Summer’s here, your holiday is approaching, you’re planning your outfits, thinking about relaxing by the pool and then it hits you… EYEBROWS (or lips, or eyeliner)! You were going to get permanent makeup done for your holiday, panic!!! You need it done now…

Other than the fact you’ll be hard pushed to find any reputable artist that can fit you in that fast… it’s really not a good idea so close to your holiday! Here’s why…

It seems that a lot of people get confused about the process involved in having permanent cosmetics applied. It is a tattoo. Pigment is inserted into the brows, eyes or lips either by machine or a hand-tool (microblading), therefore the skin is opened and a wound is created, so by default you now have a flesh wound (albeit it minor) that needs to heal, fresh new skin needs to form and the tattooed colour needs to settle. This full process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

Safety first – things to consider about permanent make up well in advance…

After your treatment the most important part of your aftercare is that are not to apply any lotions or creams (including suntan lotions) for 7 days so here is the first difficulty that could seriously jeopardise your healed result. If you are abroad, on a beach, on a yacht, in the sunshine etc and you can’t apply sun cream you are immediately at risk of sunburn in the affected area, not to mention how sore that would be if this happened on top of raw healing skin. Ouch!

Other things to consider are bacteria and sand! Imagine getting sand stuck in your beautiful new brows that you love so much, you are not supposed to touch them at all until they are healed, how would you get it out? What if you developed a bacterial infection? Not only would the treated area now be compromised and not heal well, you would also need to find medical assistance while on holiday – not what you need! Another important aspect of the healing process is that you mustn’t get the area treated wet for 7 days, how are you going to do that if you are baking hot and need to swim?

Do you really want to be self-conscious on holiday (with scabby eyebrows or lips) or constantly worrying about the area you have had tattooed, when you should be relaxing and having fun in the sun? And be able to slap on silly amounts of sun cream if you want to!?

Our top tips on having permanent make up before you go on holiday…

  • It is possible to have the first part of your treatment carried out and then go away on holiday BUT it must be surface healed before you go and you would need to apply SPF50 to the area constantly while you are away – doable, but a bit of a pain to keep remembering while you’re supposed to be relaxing. If you don’t remember and the skin is traumatised, your second treatment may not implant satisfactorily, and you may then need a third (chargeable) treatment. Not worth the risk!
  • Remember to give enough time for the delicate skin healing that’s needed. Why risk messing up such an important treatment on your face, let alone the expense that will be wasted by not following aftercare protocols?!
  • Get organised! Plan your summertime permanent cosmetics well in advance. Allow yourself 8-10 weeks for full treatment (you have a second application that needs to heal too remember) and you’ll be good to go!

If you need further advice on permanent make up and what is right for you, get in touch via our contact page to arrange a consultation and make sure you allow plenty of time before your Summer trip.

If you’ve any other questions or queries, please get in touch today!

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