How to approach eyebrow tattoos

The number one decision you need to make before having your eyebrows tattooed is…

What finished look do you want? Natural brows or strong brows?

Do you want them to blend with your face when you have no other makeup on, or to blend when you have full makeup on … because you can’t have both!

One of the things I hear the most in clinic is people worrying that they don’t want to end up with “slug brows” or they don’t want their brows to be too dark, bold or strong looking. This fear usually comes from the fact that they’ve seen pictures where people have taken their full face of makeup off but are still sporting rather prominent eyebrows, or they might know somebody with tattooed brows and have seen them take their full face makeup off in the flesh, and felt that they look rather unbalanced!

The other side of the coin is that somebody will require a stronger looking brow if they naturally wear more eye makeup. A softer more natural brow would probably not balance on a face where heavier make up application is applied and that person would constantly be applying more conventional makeup over the top to “complete their look”.

If you are the sort of person that tends to wear more eye makeup most of the time but are unsure if you should go for a softer or stronger look brow, here is a really good tip for you to experiment and try out prior to committing to eyebrow tattoos to know whether a natural or stronger brow will be right for you.

Remove all your face make up completely so you are totally barefaced, apply your eyebrow make up in the same kind of way that you have visualised it being tattooed for all this time! What do you think? Is it a nice balance with the rest of your face? Are they too much? Do you feel you look good or do you feel a bit silly? Do you think perhaps you will always wear a heavier eye makeup anyway so you’d rather have it tattooed stronger? Decide fully whether you like the look because this is what you are going to look like once your brows are tattooed and you take all your makeup off. The brows won’t change (only fade in time) so you must use the brows as the start point. If you are happy with that then great!

Chances are you are now going to be in two minds as to what you want. In reality, we would all like both, but that’s not possible. If you opt for a softer, more natural look that is more aligned to your face when you have no makeup on, that really is the safer option. You can always pick up the pencil and add a tad more if you wanted to achieve a heavier look for an evening or a special occasion, but it’s better and safer to give yourself the choice between a “made up face” and a “non-made up” face.

Permanent makeup isn’t designed to replicate conventional makeup, it’s supposed to enhance your natural features and make you feel more confident. Therefore, why risk having something done where you may end up regretting opting for a heavier look and ultimately risk feeling even less confident or self-conscious and then being stuck with that result until it naturally fades, which could take anything from 1-5+ years!

So the choice is yours… chances are there will always be some tweaking needed… either to add a little extra to your brows when you apply full face makeup (if you opt for a natural look) or to increase the amount of face make up you wear (if you opt for a stronger brow). Just be sure of what you want and look for an artist that tattoo’s your “brow style”.

If you would like further advice on permanent make up and finding the look that is right for you, get in touch via our contact page to arrange a consultation.

If you’ve any other questions or queries, please get in touch today!

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