What will my face look like immediately after treatment


Red angry eyebrows? Massive swollen eyes? Huge swollen lips?

NO! None of that – in fact not even remotely like that! You will look totally normal. You can meet a friend for coffee or lunch afterwards and be seen in public without worrying about how you look… honestly you can!

If you’ve had your lips done you will want to avoid drinking out of a hot coffee cup though, or eating tricky foods immediately (for pain & hygiene reasons) and they may be ever so slightly larger than your usual size (not sausages!)… but who doesn’t mind fuller, plumper lips for a day!? *shoots hand up!*

Cosmetic tattooing should be applied GENTLY. It’s a superficial treatment, a featherlike dusting of pigment into the skin, not a hammering of it! It shouldn’t hurt through treatment and therefore if the skin is being treated with care and isn’t being overly traumatised then the body’s wound response will be relevant to the treatment being performed, and will be minimal, lessening any swelling or redness.

Brows may be slightly pink straight away, but that will just be from wiping away pigment throughout treatment and will subside 1-2 hours after treatment.

Eyes usually swell a little more the next day (after a sleep) so you needn’t worry about looking like you’ve been crying for a week or been punched, when you leave me!

So please be assured, after a cosmetic tattooing treatment with me you will not feel self-conscious! In fact, totally the opposite, you’ll be thrilled and proud to show off the new you!

Specific, bespoke aftercare instructions are provided for you at the end of a treatment to follow at home, so you do not have to worry about “getting anything wrong” in the healing process. There are certain things you must & must not do to ensure a good heal but as I said, when you leave clinic immediately after your new enhancement has been created… you will look absolutely fine!

So, if you’re feeling excited about going forward with treatment and feel you may have found the right person to carry out your treatment for you, then please get in touch either by phone;  email or BOOK A CONSULTATION OR A FREE 15 MINUTE CHAT ONLINE and I look forward to talking with you soon!

P.S. Here’s a useful blog I wrote that might help you if you are still unsure? https://sarahgibbpmu.wpengine.com/10-tips-to-finding-the-right-artist-for-you/

Also, you can download my free professional tips guide here too.

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