whats your eyebrow style?

There’s sooo many different eyebrows out there these days it’s an absolute minefield to get your head around!

Not sure if you should have microblading? Maybe Ombre brows are what you need? Or Nano brows…mmmm?! … perhaps Powder brows? Ah you know, hairstroke brows are for you! No?!! Arghh it’s all so confusing isn’t it?!!

Well let me help you understand it all!

Firstly, the most important thing to remember, with anything to do with implanting pigment into the skin (no matter what system is used to deliver it) is that it is an EYEBROW TATTOO.

No matter how much a procedure is “jazzed up”; labelled with a new marketing name (such as microblading); or touted as the new “on trend thing”, it all comes back to the same thing.. it is a COSMETIC EYEBROW TATTOO which has been around since the 1970’s and nothing has fundamentally changed other than the implantation techniques which have advanced, tools evolved, pigments greatly improved and aesthetic standards way better. However it all comes back to the same fundamental. Pigment is implanted INTO the skin to give an eyebrow effect.

So how do you know which one is right for you?

Well there’s only 2 main categories that you need to think of so this should really help….


Tiny tattoo strokes are strategically implanted into the skin in patterns to create an ultra-realistic effect eyebrow. Done using a machine or a hand tool (now mass-marketed as MICROBLADING).

This brow should be soft, delicate & very natural. When implanted carefully it can be good for many ages & skin types. Good artistic ability from the person carrying out the treatment is needed to create hyper-realistic hair stroke brows.

More frequent colour boosts may be required as the featherlike strokes fade faster than other methods. Great start if you are unsure about cosmetic tattooing as this process is the easiest brow to make changes to, if required, in the future. Referred to also as: NANO BROWS; MICROBLADING; NANO STROKING and sometimes even PHI BROWS.


This brow is achieved using a machine or hand tool and it creates a more pencilled look by dusting the pigment into the skin to create a pixelated effect which can be kept soft or built up for a stronger look. If going for the stronger darker look with this brow be aware that it is a very definite shape in the skin. It can look really pretty but has the potential to look very strong too depending on who is carrying out the procedure and how they have been trained.

If implanted heavily there is little room to alter this brow once it’s in your skin as the shape is very defined. This is lovely, but going forward if you decide it’s not for you in the future and you decide you want more of a fluffy natural brow as your tastes change, you are going to be at a crossroads where you’ll have to either let them fade out for many years (5+) or get them removed as the block colour and etched outer lines of this type of brow means that hair strokes can’t be placed over the top unless there is barely anything left in the skin. Less colour boosts are needed with a stronger powder brow.

Suitable for all skin types. Having a softer, more delicate powder brow gives you more opportunity for change later down the line but the defined, etched shape may always be visible. Correct design & placement on the face is ESSENTIAL for this type of brow. Referred to also as OMBRE; COMBINATION / COMBO; MICROSHADING; NANOSHADING; PIXEL BROWS.


I must just touch on this as it is the new industry buzz word flying around at the moment! It is EXACTLY the same as the two methods I have described above, the difference ONLY being the size of the needles that are used.. which are tiny! Nano needles! This enables the artist to get more intricate designs if doing hair stroke brows, and a very delicate ombre or powder brow IF they are experienced and have been trained correctly in using nanotechnology. Nano needles are not for people early in their cosmetic tattoo career!

So what about Microshading? Combination Brows? Nano Shading?

These are all “mash up’s” of the 2 fundamental techniques above and come about from “online Chinese whispers” as industry professionals, the public, advertisers, all throw around new descriptive words that eventually get tagged to a result that pops up time & time again and eh voila, it becomes known as such.

Keep it easy…. lines or shading. It’s that simple really!

Still unsure? Have a read of this blog for some more pointers!

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