So, here’s what you’ll get when you come for a treatment with me…

Expect to be with me for about 2- 2.5 hours on the day of your first appointment. Here we will complete all relevant paperwork and we’ll then have a look at the colours that we’re going to use for you. This is done by testing them on your skin. I show you what I think works best and together we make sure you are happy with the choice, do not panic about anything…I explain it all as we go along, and you can ask questions whenever you like!

Then I draw on a design for you and we agree on shape & placement. For brows, for example, I can give you a really good idea of how they are going to look after your treatment. I must point out that I never ever shave brow hair off, I always work with your natural hair. If it’s an eyeliner you’re having I draw on the top, and the bottom, or both for you to see and approve before we go ahead, and for lips I can create, for example, a more defined cupid’s bow or a slightly fuller shape. You approve all designs before I tattoo.  I then carry out your treatment.

Appointments are never booked back to back and I always allow plenty of time to make sure your treatment is not rushed in any way. It’s your face, I respect it and I would never hurry just because I didn’t book out enough time in my diary. I then go through your aftercare thoroughly at the end and provide you with your specific instructions and an aftercare pack to take home. You will not look bruised, swollen, scary or out of sorts in any way! It’s a common worry that you may look terrible afterwards, absolutely not, you will look GORGEOUS!!! You will be able to pop for a coffee, pop to a shop, go to lunch… whatever you have on, apart from doing strenuous exercise, that’s a no-go!

All treatments are carried out in two separate appointments, these are 4-6 weeks apart, depending on your age and health. At your first appointment, I’m always careful and safe with your colour, I will lean towards a slightly lighter colour and we’ll see how you heal. In my opinion, this is the best way to apply permanent makeup – sensibly. Everything is carried out carefully, precisely and delicately. You have 2 treatments included in the price for a good reason. The first appointment lays the foundation the second appointment perfects the work after we have seen how your body has responded to treatment.

Your second appointment usually lasts around 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hour, so in total, you can expect to spend around 4 hours with me, and that’s excluding your consultation – lucky you!

After treatment is finished you will need colour boosts to refresh the colour on a 12-24 month basis and these costs are drastically lower, exclusively to you, as my client. My colour boost prices are not applicable to refreshing or topping up existing permanent makeup that has not been carried out by me. If you currently have permanent makeup, then please watch my VIDEO titled “PREVIOUS TREATMENT” for further information on this.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and I will respond to you as fast as I can. If you are feeling excited and eager to get the process started, then why not just book straight in for a face to face consultation or call me for a free 15-minute chat on 07850 999555 or email sarah@sarah-gibb.com

Don’t be scared, come and find out more, because permanent makeup can literally be life-changing!

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