If you have permanent makeup already (and this includes microblading or any other form of pigment implantation to your face, no matter how long ago) then the process with me for treatment is different than if you’ve not had permanent makeup before.

If someone else initially designed your permanent makeup to your satisfaction but you are now looking for someone else, because you may have moved, your old technician may have ceased work, she, or he, may have moved area or you just fancy a change, then if you are thinking of perhaps coming to see me then I will first need to assess first to see what pigment is currently in your skin. If I feel that the design could have been better placed on your face, or perhaps the colour selection could have been different then I am going to have to ensure that I can work with what’s already there to produce the same standard of work as if you’d come to see me in the first instance.

That’s not being disrespectful to your previous technician or any other technicians come to that, it’s just that everybody works differently, and every artist /technician will see things differently, every set of eyes does! Body tattoo artists all produce different work, illustrators, graphic designers, hairdressers, nail technicians…each individual has their own interpretation of what looks good to them and permanent makeup artists are no different.

Every trainer, or training school, train their students based on their own experiences and their own training. A natural level of artistic ability will result in one technician producing a different calibre of work compared to another, even if they were trained by the same person, or company.

So, at your consultation, if I feel that improvements could be made to what I see in front of me, then I have some fast decisions to make as to whether I am able to work over what is there, and some of the questions I might ask myself are; Is the placement technically correct? If the colour looks odd, I may question if the colour chosen initially was correctly selected for that particular skin tone or, if it has just been a long time since it was implanted, and it’s faded to an unsatisfactory colour. In the case of lips, has the colour been put too far over the vermilion border, onto the skin? In the case of eyes, if the pigment has migrated (smudged look), can I work over that and gain a satisfactory healed result for you?

These are just a few things that I need to consider, every case is different, and everybody is unique which is why I need to assess you prior to treatment. I may well decline to work over your existing permanent makeup, if I do, I will fully explain why. This can sometimes be hard for you to hear when you are perfectly happy with your permanent makeup as it is and you just want it refreshed, but I strive to give all my clients the best that I can, so if I agree to tattoo over any design that I see even if I feel that it is a lesser standard than I would have provided in the first place, then I feel like I would be doing you a disservice by reinforcing work that I feel could have been improved… but that’s JUST my opinion, every technician will see things completely differently. I really hope this makes sense and I hope it doesn’t sound offensive to any other artists in any way because I really don’t mean it to, I’m just trying to explain so that you get a better understanding.

Please understand costs too. I’ve been asked many times how much it will be to just top-up or refresh work that has been carried out by somebody else and my response is the same each time. It will be full price or correctional work prices which are quoted after consultation. These prices apply because you’ll be a new client to me and I may have to start all over again or I may have complicated correctional work ahead of me, I don’t know until I see you. In the case of correctional work, it requires a different set of skills, knowledge and experience and what you may see as a top-up, an experienced artist will see differently and may insist on preparatory work before going ahead and working over the previous pigment.

On the flip side of all this, if I feel that the colour, design and placement are great and I’m happy to work over it then I will!  Reputation is everything and a lot of permanent makeup artists work extremely hard to build up a good strong standing. They will not allow their name to be attached to any work that they deem unsuitable to work over or that they feel they can’t improve to a standard that they are happy to put their name to, and that includes me!

However, I will always do my very best to help you, wherever I can.

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